My wife and I went to Matt for help almost a year ago for a bitter custody battle. I feel that he was a true warrior for us. We asked him to be honest. He was honest. We asked him for the truth no matter how painful. He gave us the truth. My wife had a shield in and out of the courtroom. A couple of pointers. 1. Understand that you can’t get a call back right away. We understood that she went to the last battle. Matt gave our case full attention and it was uninterrupted. Matt never left us hanging over the weekend when a new development happened in the case. Never! 2. If you want to hear an answer you want and not the one you need to hear then don’t hire Matt. Go in to battle with a warrior that can point out the advantages and disadvantages of your case. You may not like the answer but at least you get an honest one. 3. Trust Matt, you hired him because of his experience. We felt he knew what the judges, guardian ad litem, and co-defense where going to do before it happened. Predictable. Thank you for your help. We hope and pray that this is a positive for our family that can last generations. We love you.

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