Family Law Appeals



Given the frequency of divorces (and other litigation involving Family Law issues), it often comes as a surprise to litigants when they learn how complicated and convoluted the law can be. Because of the complexity of family law, judges may not always get it right. If that occurs, your only option for relief might be appealing to a higher court to review your case.

Family Law appeals typically involve asking an appellate court to review the final order entered by a trial court judge, but this is not always the case. Certain temporary orders are subject to appellate review as well. Moreover, there are specific instances in which an appellate court can be asked to intervene in a Family Law case to direct the trial judge to take some specific action.

Because of the breadth of appellate options, many situations that litigants feel are hopeless may actually be correctable. However, the rules of appellate procedure are complicated and strict. Minor errors at the trial level may act as a complete bar to seeking appellate review and relief. It is important to consult with an appellate attorney at the earliest opportunity to ensure that your rights are preserved. In fact, it is often advisable to consult with an appellate attorney before a mistake is made, so that you and/or your trial attorney can understand exactly what precautions must be taken to protect your options.

In most cases, an error that goes unchallenged becomes permanent, enforceable and irreversible. If you believe that a judge has made an error in your case, or if you believe, for whatever reason, that a judge is likely to make a mistake in your case, you should consult with an appellate attorney immediately.