For many people, a divorce, or other family law matter, will be one of the most difficult experiences of their lives.  Everything is at stake: your family, your finances and your future.   

When you need family law advice or advocacy, you need an attorney you can trust—one who understands your concerns, one who knows the law, and one who will fight for you effectively in and out of the courtroom. 

The attorneys at Felix, Felix & Baseman have handled hundreds of family law cases—at the trial level, at the appellate level and everything in between.  We understand that your case is more than a legal formality, it is truly your life. We think you will agree that our firm is, above all else, client-focused and dedicated to making one of the most difficult periods in your life a little more tolerable.   

As part of our client-focused approach, the attorneys at Felix, Felix & Baseman, pride ourselves in being able to look beyond the “one lawyer for one client” model. For years we have each collaborated with one another and have grown to understand the unique tools and experiences that each of us brings to the table. Being able to work together in appropriate circumstances allows us to operate as efficiently as possible for the benefit of our clients. 

Additionally, at Felix, Felix & Baseman, we understand that you are not going to hire an attorney based solely on what he or she wrote on a website. So, we invite you to contact us and come in for a consultation. We are confident that you will see and appreciate the difference from the moment you meet us.